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Self Care for Mums Workshop


2019 dates TBC

Realistic and actionable survival skills to get you through the roughest, most sleep deprived days/weeks/months with young kids. 

Tips and tricks for looking after yourself, even when you're not sleeping, doing everything one handed and don't get a minute to yourself all day. Topics will include:
- Nutrition
- Stress reduction
- Coping and calming strategies (for yourself, not baby!)
- Self Care
- Mindfulness and Mindset
- Mum guilt
- Anything else you are struggling with

As a bonus, you will take home a goody bag including a notebook and pen (which you may, or may not want to use during the workshop!), some healthy treats and offers from local businesses.

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Ways to Wellness Workshop

Spring 2019 Date TBC

The day will include:
- A core workout that will teach you to really engage your core, both when exercising and in every day life. This will be   suitable for all levels and won’t be high intensity but wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.
 - Talks on small changes we can adopt to work towards better self care and nutrition
 - A demonstration on how to make Silke’s amazing energy balls and a chance to make your own
 - Everyone will receive a 15 massage. This can be relaxing or deep tissue - you choose!
 - Snacks and hot and cold drinks
- A relaxing guided meditation to finish off the day and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Run in conjunction with Suzie Rae of SunRay Fitness and Nutrition

Please email me at to book your place! 

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Become your best YOU in Motherhood and Beyond. A 30 day online course and community.

All of the tips and tools I've shared in little pieces, come together in one cohesive, transformative bundle. Tools and techniques I have used to help me cope and regain a calmer, more positive me, after struggling with post natal depression and anxiety.
This 30 day course will take you through: 
* finding your core values and how they shape your every day actions
* challenging your mindset to become more positive and accepting of yourself and others
* making healthier habits possible and sustainable
* realistic nutrition advice to nourish you
* discovering simple stress reduction and self care tools that leave you feeling nurtured and resilient
Plus each day you will receive a simple self care prompt so that by the end of the month you have an arsenal of tools at your disposal to get you thriving in motherhood and beyond. 


Nourished Mums


Join the free Nourished Mums FB group. A community of support, for sharing the real and often messy side of motherhood and for finding tools to thrive in it. 
I share tools on self care, mind set, resilience and stress reduction that I have found helpful. And each week we share things we are grateful for, things that have ticked us off and generally support each other to get to the end of another mothering day.

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I've been practising as a massage therapist for 10 years and if you're local to Tonbridge you can come to see me for anything from holistic, therapeutic and deep tissue massage through to pregnancy and post natal treatments, as well as sports massage and ScarWork.  Find out all the details on my dedicated massage website here