Welcome to Nourish to Thrive!
A health and wellness resource for mums who don't have extra hours in the day to look after themselves (so that's all of us, yes?). 
Born from frustrating lack of wellbeing advice that's realistic for mums, you'll find actionable advice on:

  • simple self care

  • realistic nutrition

  • healthy habits

  • stress reduction

  • positive mindset

Simple but powerful tools assembled on a quest to cope with post natal depression and anxiety.
All based on the understanding that time is precious but that YOU MATTER and that you deserve to take care of yourself. Even, and especially, as a mother when it seems all you do is give, give and give some more. When life is relentless and sleep and alone time are as rare as unicorn tears. 

There are blog posts, workshops, online courses and daily gems in the Nourished Mums community on Facebook (come join us!). 

“Disillusioned by the unrealistic wellness and stress reduction advice I was given, I decided to cherry pick the elements that seemed realistic for mothers”


Coming Up 

There are a number of exciting things in the pipeline, most imminently: 

  • Self Care for Mums Workshop - 2019 dates TBC

  • Ways to Wellness Workshop with Suzie Rae - 2019 dates TBC

  • Thirty to Thrive - 30 day online program focusing on mindset, stress reduction, healthy habits and self care for mums - returns spring 2019!

  • 1:1 and group self care, mindset and resilience coaching for mums (2019)



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